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But that doesn’t happen, does it?

So here’s what actually happens,


Sleep Better

You don't sleep well at night.


Feel fatigued and stressed the next day.


Then you compensate with unhealthy habits.


These habits then affect your ability to fall or stay asleep.

Then it’s the same thing all over again.

Whether it’s one of the above or all or even a lot more than that, I understand YOU.

Whatever the source might be, even if you don’t think so, it is affecting your sleep.

Insomnia, Sleep Disorders, Hypnagogia, Circadian Rhythm, Sleep Cycles and basically everything in between.

You’ll find it here on this blog.


My only decent photo


…and I know you’re legendary and so is your sleep! So I’m here only to reveal your epic potential by developing your path to the slumber land. That is all.

Eye-opening solutions to all your eye closing problems.

And that’s the end of the TL;DR version of my story.

1998 – 2015

I was born in Karachi, A big metro city in Pakistan. Since childhood, I’ve always been a very light sleeper. Often being sleep deprived made me frustrated.

At first, everybody thought I was hyperactive. Some even said that I had anger management issues. Little did they know, I had a severe level of clinical insomnia. My Insomnia Severity Index score was 23.

I’d get annoyed at every little thing and be cranky all day. It also limited me to perform with my full potential. I would never be able to focus on sports, studies and my career. My socializing skills remain undeveloped for several years.

My family felt so helpless and miserable to see me go through this. We tried and tested several things. My parents spent an unreasonable amount of money. After seeing countless sleepologist and therapist, I had no improvement in my sleep.

2015 – 2019

Then I came to Australia. Brand new country, new culture and exciting new adventures ahead. For once, I started living my best life. I focused on my diet and workout. I was doing great in my studies as well. I was working for a start-up company which I was passionate about. I had friends who were loyal and caring. Finally, I could close my eyes and fall asleep immediately.

So what changed, you ask? Well, Everything. I wish I could say that I took this magic pill and all my worries went away. In reality, it all comes down to your brain. It is far more complex than we know.

In the last few years, I researched everything about sleep. I did it when I was younger as well, but this time it was different. When I say ‘I researched’ it means I complied various literature reviews on sleep patterns. I then wrote my abstracts on each article.

I even collected random samples to perform probability statistics. To make sure that the reported results were consistent. After a thorough review of all my researches in this lengthy period. I managed to accumulate a lot of actionable knowledge on this matter.

So I started at my university. I discussed with the head counsellor about my intentions. After they evaluated my research, they’re happy to let me help out fellow students.

I put up flyers all around the campus. Every Thursday afternoon, I would borrow a small corner in my library to set up a private space. Students would come and chat away. I always made sure that students approached me as a friend. Rather than a counsellor, which I wasn’t anyway. I started to see that I was helping a lot of students. Not only for their sleep issues but also for their general mental health problems. Most of which only needed slight behavioural readjustment.

2019 – Today

“One less person goes through everything that I went through.”

This is the sole reason behind starting this blog. I’m that friend you need, you don’t know about. I’m here to share all my knowledge and experiences with you. So you could be the best version of your self.

I will be posting articles every week on various topics about improving sleep and tackling its disorders. If you’ve read this far, you’re awesome! As a ‘Thank You’, You can get started straight away by downloading my ‘7 Essential tips to improve your sleep right now‘.

Sleep Better